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Replace Your Old Boiler with a High-Efficiency Model for Energy Savings

Are you looking for a high-efficiency boiler replacement and installation company in Central New Jersey you can trust?   You’ve come to the right place!  Redding’s has been in the boiler sales and installation business since 1920 when we started working on Princeton University’s boilers.  If your home or business has an old, failing hydronic, baseboard or radiant boiler, then it’s time to upgrade to a more efficient system.  Let Redding’s comfort specialists and professional technicians make the boiler replacement process easy for you!


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Boilers are not commonly found in newer homes, unless used in hydronic or radiant heating applications.  However, many older homes and buildings in central New Jersey use them for heating and we’ve replaced boilers in lots of them.   According to Energy.gov, older furnace and boiler systems had efficiencies in the range of 56% to 70%.  Newer conventional heating systems can achieve efficiencies as high as 98.5%.  That statistic alone warrants the replacement of your boiler if it’s at the end of its life expectancy.

Know Your Boiler Replacement and Installation Contractor

After your house and car, your home heating system is often one of the biggest purchases you’ll make. Ensure you get the best value for your money and make the best investment in your home.  Insist on boiler purchase and installation from a professional, licensed, bonded and insured heating contractor like Redding’s. Improper boiler size and installation can lower the life expectancy of your heating system, not to mention the energy loss it can cause. Our sales staff is BPI Certified, so home energy audits and high efficiency equipment are some of our specialties. In addition, we offer guarantees and warranties on our products and services, so you can count on us to stand by our work.  Plus, we’re a local, family-owned and operated business who loves to serve our community!


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