Home Energy Audit NJ

$49* NJ Home Energy Audit May Save You Up to $4,000 – Plus Increase Comfort, Lower Utility Bills and Increase Energy Efficiency

What’s an Energy Audit?

An energy audit, not to be confused with a home energy assessment, is a visual inspection of your home to determine areas where you can potentially make changes to increase the efficiency of your home. This service is the first step you can take to start making your home more comfortable and less costly to maintain. For a limited time we are offering this service for $49. However, if you are interested in see if your home potentially qualifies for for up to $4,000 in incentives on high efficiency equipment, air sealing and an interest free 10 year loan through NJ’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program, you’ll need to have a home energy assessment performed by a BPI accredited contractor like Redding’s. Call us at 609-924-0166 for the details.

You May Qualify for Up to $4,000 in Incentives on High Efficiency Equipment + 0% Interest – 10 Year Financing through New Jersey’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program

New Jersey’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR (HPwES) program incentives make this a great time to upgrade your home with high-efficiency equipment, including heating system, water heaters, as well as ensure the exterior shell of your home is energy efficient. The HPwES program offers financial incentives on energy efficient home improvement packages that reduce homeowner energy usage. To see if your home qualifies you must have a BPI accredited contractor like Redding’s perform a home performance assessment. The first step in the process to see if you may qualify to participate in the program is to call Redding’s and have your utility bills handy. NJ homeowners have until June 30, 2019 or until funding is exhausted to receive up to $4,000 in financial incentives. You may also qualify for 0% interest financing (up to $10,000 with a 7-year maximum term) or 4.99% financing (up to $15,000 with a 10-year maximum term) to help pay for the energy-efficient upgrades! Call 609-924-0166 today!


What is an Energy Assessment?

If you’re tired of paying for conditioned air that escapes your home, inefficient heating / air conditioning / water heating equipment or maybe some rooms are hotter or cooler than the rest, below is a video a video to explain what you can expect from a thorough home energy assessment performed by a BPI certified contractor like Redding’s.

Why Choose Redding’s? Potential Homeowner Return = HUGE!

Redding’s has been in the energy efficiency business for a long time. Our experts keep up with the latest high efficiency home comfort technology and we’re proud to be a Gold Star Approved BPI Accredited Contractor. All contractors participating in NJ’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program are BPI certified, which means they utilize advanced diagnostic equipment to test the home and identify necessary energy efficiency improvements. Redding’s BPI Certified experts can help you save thousands on your upgrades, PLUS you get the added benefit of a more valuable and energy efficient home with our home energy audit. Whether you have a gas, electric or oil heating system, we can help qualifying customers take advantage of the program today! Remember, this program won’t last forever. Once the State of NJ budget is gone the program ends, so don’t miss out!


We know all the rebate/tax credit information can be confusing. Let Redding’s BPI certified experts evaluate your home and walk you through the process of ensuring your home is as energy efficient as possible. Call 609-924-0166 today or click here, enter your contact info and we’ll contact you! *Energy audit/assessment is subject to qualification for the HPwES.