Water Service and Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

Thoughts of your water and sewer lines usually don’t cross your mind-until you have an issue with one of them. Then panic sets in. Don’t panic we’ve been helping area property owners with water and sewer line problems for 91 years. We’re the experts and we’re here to help.

What Do I Do?

Most homeowners and commercial property owners have a water service and a sewer line, which they own and are responsible to maintain. They usually run from your home or business to the main in the street. When you have a leaking or broken water service or sewer line, most local codes require that repairs are made by a master plumber like Redding’s and that permits are obtained. If you suspect you have a leaking water service or broken sewer line, it requires prompt attention to have it temporarily shut off or repaired, because you may be liable for not attending to the situation in a timely manner. Not to mention the inconvenience of no water or not having use of your toilets.

Why Is This Happening?

When it comes to a water service or sewer line, there are a number of issues that can occur. Depending up the location and use of the lines, these include broken or damaged pipes, pipe corrosion which can restrict water flow, leaking joints, a blockage may occur due to a foreign object or grease in the line, tree roots can invade a line or maybe a pipe had bellied due to soil erosion, just to name a few. We’ve seen all of them.

Let the Experts Diagnose the Situation

Just call Redding’s. We’re more than happy to assess your situation to determine if a repair can be made or if it’s in your best interest to replace the line. We’ll provide all your options, plus Redding’s expert plumbers use state-of-the-art equipment, including video cameras to diagnose and solve your water service or sewer line problems fast. We’ll give you peace of mind. Video cameras are one of the most valuable tools when it comes to diagnosing a water service or sewer line issue. These cameras are specifically made to allow for a visual inspection of the inside of underground water and sewer lines. Basically, a high tech camera is attached to a flexible rod which is inserted into the pipe for inspection. Video images are then transmitted to our plumbing technician and can be saved for a permanent record. We also have technology available to discover the location of sewer and water lines via a transmitter.

Sewer Jetting

Many things can clog a sewer line, including tree roots, minerals, dirt, grease, and sludge. All of these things need to be removed in order to maintain proper sewer operation. Through the use of a sewer jetting machine, Redding’s expert plumbers can break up the blockage and remove the debris.

Repair and Replacement

Typically sewer lines are repaired or replaced using the trench or open cut method to access to the area of pipe requiring attention. Depending upon the size and location of the water service a backhoe may be used to gain access to and to refill the work area. In areas of limited access such as under pavement or blacktop, we may also choose to replace the line through pipebursting. You can check out pictures of a water service job here to give you an idea of what it looks like.

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