Boiler Maintenance

Redding’s Boiler Maintenance Program Saves You Money

Don’t Neglect Your Boiler! Schedule Now So You Don’t Have Any Surprises When the Temperatures Fall!

Keep your boiler running efficiently and save on energy bills this winter with a professional inspection and tune-up! Seasonal maintenance pays dividends in more ways than one. Just like with a car, boiler inspection and tune-up can minimize costly breakdowns. Plus, routine boiler maintenance reduces energy costs by as much as 10% and extends the life of your boiler. We’ve been in business for a long time – trust us, it’s worth it. Plus, the plan saves you extra money with discounts on parts and labor on covered equipment. Sign up today or keep reading for details.

Here’s How You Benefit from a Redding’s Maintenance Plan

  • 10% discount on parts and labor for additional work needed on equipment covered by your maintenance plan.
  • We offer custom tailored plans to meet your specific cooling, gas furnace, heat pump or gas boiler needs.
  • You receive preferential customer status for service requests for both regular and emergency situations.
  • Your equipment operates more efficiently which prolongs equipment life and curtails breakdowns.
  • Our bonded, experienced staff of service technicians can spot many potential problems – before they start.
  • We use environmentally friendly refrigerant recovery units, so harmful CFC gases aren’t released into the air.
  • Our technicians discuss any problems that arise and seek your permission before proceeding to remedy any issue.
  • We provide seasonal e-mails with coupons and tips to help you maximize your home’s energy efficiency.

Already Have A PSE&G WorryFree Plan? No Worries.

Our “worry free” plan includes actual heating and air conditioning maintenance service. If you have a PSE&G WorryFree Contract, read this fine print taken directly from their web site: “Response times will vary by seasonal demands and by the nature of the problem. Contracts do not provide priority service, regular maintenance, a guaranteed response time, or annual inspections.” See below for a comprehensive look at what we include. We think you’ll be impressed!

Our Plan Includes a Performance Inspection and Tune-Up

It starts with a thorough cleaning and inspection of the unit(s) once during the coverage year. Access to the equipment is required. At the time, we also perform the following 9-Point Boiler Tune-Up:

Hot Water Boiler(s) (Up to 350,000 BTU’s)

  • Check for proper draft
  • Check all safety switches
  • Clean and check combustion area
  • Check boiler operation pressure
  • Check low water cutoff and relief valve
  • Lubricate moving parts and circulators
  • Check zone valves
  • Clean and check pig tails and pressure switches on steam boiler
  • Check thermostat calibration

How to Purchase a Redding’s Maintenance Plan and Schedule Your Boiler Tune-Up

It’s easy! Just download the maintenance agreement, complete the necessary areas and mail it to Redding’s at 759 State Road, Princeton, NJ 08540, along with your payment. You can also scan and e-mail it to service@reddings.com or fax it to Redding’s at 609-924-5803 and we’ll mail you an invoice. Once we receive your signed maintenance agreement, we’ll call you schedule your Boiler Tune-Up. You may also call us to schedule if you prefer at 609-924-0166.


If you have any questions about completing the form or would like an agreement mailed to you, please call one of our customer service associates at 609-924-0166. We’ll be happy to assist you. Viewing the agreement requires free Adobe Acrobat software. Most computers have it installed, but if yours doesn’t, you can download it here.

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